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A Christmas Experience for the Whole Family

Each Christmas gives your church a chance to swing your doors wide open and throw a party for the newborn King—a party where everyone is welcome.

Each Christmas gives your church a chance to break through to your community with a creative and imaginative message conveying something truly remarkable and unexpected.

In spite of the frantic shopping, party hopping, and present wrapping, people are primed by the holiday to seek meaning and significance.

Your church can give them what they’re looking for!

Christmas provides a wealth of opportunities to speak the truth about Jesus naturally…all it takes is a little creativity... and some preparation.

And this is where Oh, Boy! Christmas Experience for the Whole Family comes in.


Oh, Boy! is a one-of-a-kind event that combines elements of:

  • Community outreach

  • Family get-together

  • Baby shower

  • Experience-based learning

  • Christmas production (without all the fuss and frenzy)

The best part of it is how versatile it is.

Churches of any size — budget, space, volunteers — will be able to pull it off.

Oh, Boy! event is comprised of three segments:

  • Large Group

  • Activity Stations

  • Baby Gifts (a great way to bless your community)


Large Group is a stage-driven event with worship music, stage games, an interview with Mary & Joseph, and a video of the Bible Christmas story.

This part of the event is optional.

  • You can use it in its entirety.

  • You can pick and choose.

  • You can modify and adapt, or you can drop it altogether.

As I said, this program is extremely versatile. No two churches will end up with the same Oh, Boy! event.

All the games, song suggestions, supplies, and scripts are included in the Event Kit.


Activity Stations are self-guided, self-paced, fun areas around your church where kids and families can interact with each other and the theme of the station.

Stations include:

  • Mary’s Kitchen: Drinks and snacks

  • Wiseman’s Gift Store: A gift table to collect presents for a local pregnancy center.

  • Joseph’s Workshop: This is where families will be building wooden mangers

  • Hello Baby: Expressing worship through onesie decorating

  • Say, Cheese: Photobooth

  • You’ve Got Mail: Parents and children will have a chance to write and decorate cards

  • Baby Pacifier: A fun game where blindfolded kids and parents attempt to put a pacifier on a baby.

  • Cookie Contest: Parents and kids decorate cookies attempting to win a grand prize

NOTE: There’s no pressure to implement every single station. Pick and choose whatever works with your budget, facilities, and volunteer availability.





Oh, Boy! is not just about food, fun, and games.

It’s about making a difference in your community.

View this event as a surprise baby shower for Mary.

That’s why I suggest that you ask each family to bring a baby gift to the event, which will be donated to a charity of your church’s choice, a local pregnancy center, or expectant mothers in need.


Let’s be honest —

Many children's ministry leaders struggle with the stress prior to the holidays.

Finding just the right play or musical, building stage décor, scheduling rehearsals, dealing with difficult parents, and everything else that goes into planning a Christmas event can be so overwhelming.

Oh, Boy! event is proof that there is a better way!

Not only for you, as a children’s pastor, but for the families in your church, your volunteers, and for community impact.

Your Event Kit has everything that you’ll need to pull off a successful event.

Here are just some of the things inside the Event Kit:

  • Large group script

  • Planning timeline that lets you know exactly what should be done and when

  • Three stage games

  • Bible videos

  • Volunteer roles

  • Invitational tools (posters, postcards)

  • Spotify playlists with suggested worship songs

  • Social media posts and graphics

  • Email templates (copy + paste + send)

  • Décor ideas

  • Weblinks for all the supplies

  • Post-event evaluation




Oh, Boy! event is centered around two things—families and simplicity.

We celebrate the gift of family by creating an environment where people can go through activity stations and simply enjoy being in each other’s company while working on a fun project together.

There is an amazing richness and surprising depth in this experience for families.

In essence, Oh, Boy! is a time when families can catch their breath, make fond memories, and reclaim the warmth of Christmas.

Here are just some of the things that make it different:

  • It's child-centered and as such provides plenty of room for freedom, joy, spontaneity, and creativity. Kids will love this event because they're allowed to be themselves!

  • It is welcoming. It will make your church accessible to the community. This event makes it easy for unchurched families to step foot into the church, have fun, and build relationships with other families.

  • It's self-guided and open-ended which means that parents and children will have plenty of exciting options to choose from.

  • It's engaging and interactive, meaning that there are no observers at this event. Everyone is a participant.

  • It doesn't require much preparation.

  • It doesn't require many volunteers.

  • It's easy on a budget.

  • It's unique.

Examples of invitational tools included in your Event Kit.


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