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Easter in Five Letters (part two)

Let us explore some key elements included in the EVENT KIT.


This beautiful booklet is an essential part of the Easter in Five Letters family event.

It provides step-by-step instructions for families to complete the Easter experience.

A ready-to-print PDF version of this guide is included in the Event Kit. Churches can also purchase professionally printed booklets.


This is a set of six premium-quality postcards ( 7" x 5") that invite families to accompany Jesus in His last days and hours before the cross.

Each postcard features a beautiful artwork on the front and an engaging faith-nurturing activity on the back.

Originally this set was designed to support the church event and serve as its extension, but it can also be used as a stand-alone resource.

Here are just seven reasons why you’ll love this event:

  • It’s all about Jesus — from start to finish.


  • It’s hands-on and multisensory — no one will be bored.


  • It’s a shared experience between parents and children — growing in their faith together.


  • It’s versatile and flexible — you can host the entire event in 2 hours one day or you can spread it out between five Wednesday nights.


  • It doesn’t depend on the weather totally taking out the stress of not knowing whether it will happen or not.


  • It doesn’t require a busload of volunteers and a truckload of money. You can make it simple or elaborate.


  • It empowers parents and gives them confidence for shaping their children’s faith.

    Five ideas for your Easter in Five Letters event:

    • Make it not just a Family Event but an Intergenerational Event inviting people of all ages to participate. Maundy Thursday or Good Friday might be perfect for that.

    • Don't offer just a 1-day event, spread it out between five midweek services. One station per service with people taking home only one card from the Faith-at-Home Set.


    • If you have a large homeschooling community, consider offering Morning and Evening events to make it easy for families that homeschool to attend.

    • This one is on the "crazy" side, but maybe someone could pull it off. Host it in a "progressive dinner" style where one church in the community sponsors one interactive station and families hop from place to place to complete their Easter journey. (I see you shaking your head. OK, moving on.)

    • Finish this event with a bang. Examples: ice cream truck, Easter egg hunt, or butterfly release.

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