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The Worst Case Scenario

Ahhh, the wonderful world of children’s ministry (cue angelic singing and confetti falling from the sky).

A place where laughter echoes through the halls, songs of praise ring out, Goldfish crackers are crunched, and happiness abounds.

Wait a minute…what did I just hear?

Was that a screaming toddler who just got bitten?

Is a fire alarm sounding?

Is that a smart-aleck fourth grader who is correcting his teacher AGAIN??

And did that crunch of a Goldfish cracker suddenly devolve into a choking emergency?

Yes, the world of children’s ministry is full of wonderful opportunities to touch children’s lives for eternity, but it’s also filled with difficult challenges, countless decisions, and a myriad of things that could go wrong.

Even though you cannot prepare for every single worst-case scenario that may transpire, you CAN train your team to be alert, decisive, and confident when it comes to dealing with the most unexpected and challenging situations.

That’s where THE WORST-CASE SCENARIO workshop comes in.

The Worst-Case Scenario training is a volunteer event like no other.

It's playful, engaging, informative, personal, and most importantly, results-driven.

It's a time when your volunteers will feel:

  • LOVED (after all, you're providing food and childcare)

  • HEARD (because they'll be doing most of the talking)

  • CONNECTED (because they'll be interacting with their teammates)

  • EQUIPPED (because they'll walk away with information they can apply right away)

The goal of this training is to give your volunteers a chance to explore some real-life worst-case scenarios that may happen in the context of children's ministry.

Together they will brainstorm the best ways to respond to each scenario.

This will be very serious training disguised as fun.

The best part of this workshop is that everyone will be involved and engaged.

There will be no passive observers.

And everyone will be learning with and from each other.

This will allow you to simply stand back and enjoy the laughter, the energy, and the learning that will take place.


The entire training is presented as a board game where teams (volunteers divided by age groups of children they’re serving) will be competing against each other.

The goal is to respond to each worst-case scenario thrown at them wisely, biblically, and adequately.

Each correct response gives a team a chance to move their playing piece forward.

This game will be as much fun for a group of 12 as for a group of 120.

The best part is that each church can customize this event to suit its specific needs.

The Event Kit offers you 20 worst case scenarios as a starting point. You can use all of them, some of them, or none of them.

You know your volunteers better than anyone else, and you’ll have full freedom to create training that will meet their unique needs.

Here are just three worst-case scenarios included in the Event Kit, to give you an idea.

NOTE: Scenarios included in the Event Kit are just that… scenarios.

We purposefully did not include any answers. Here’s why.

This event guide will be used by thousands of churches around the world. And there’s simply no one-size-fits-all answer to any of these situations.

What may work in one setting may not necessarily be the best option in another.

That's why it's up to each individual church to work through these scenarios and come up with the best response that will become their policy or response protocol.

For certain scenarios, you'll want to consult medical professionals and/or your insurance company.

The Worst-Case Scenario Workshop Kit is a one-stop resource.

This means that it comes loaded with EVERYTHING you need to organize a successful training event that your volunteers will actually want to attend.

Here are just some things included in your Workshop Kit:

  • A detailed 22-page Leader Guide (PDF)

  • Social media graphics

  • Save the Date graphics

  • An email script

  • PowerPoint slides

  • Food ideas

  • Childcare ideas

  • A printable game board

  • And lots more

It will most likely be one of the easiest, funniest, and most memorable volunteer training you’ve ever done!


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  • We used this kit at our Teacher Training workshop this past September and it was a big hit. It could have lasted 3 hours if we had used every scenario option given to us, but we only used about 10 of them. We had great conversations around each table and also laughed together. Great workshop!

    Carol Scheevel

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