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Easter in Five Letters (part one)

Let's make this Easter all about Jesus.

All about the rugged cross and the empty tomb.

All about the hope that endures and the love that never fails.

Many families in your community are hungry and are searching.

They don’t need more candy and fun. They need the Gospel and a fresh experience of God’s love.

And that’s what Easter in Five Letters is all about.

Check out the bird's eye-view explanation of how this event works.

Easter in Five Letters family experience is for you.

  • If your church is tired of celebrating Easter with egg hunts and candy.

  • If you want your families to experience something richer, and more in line with the gospel message.

  • If you are longing for a simple and slow Easter celebration that displays the heart of Jesus, remembers His sacrifice, and gives children hope in the resurrection.

  • If you want to see parents and children encounter God together through a shared sacred experience.

  • If you're excited for parents to be active participants and not passive onlookers.




In preparing for this event, we wanted to go back to the simple, prayerful, and holy.

We wanted to give children's pastors the opportunity to offer a hands-on, multisensory experience to families.

An invitation to step into the shoes of the people who were there, to walk in the steps of Jesus as He went to the cross, and to immerse themselves in what it might have been like to be a part of those significant events.

  • Jesus Comes to Jerusalem as King

  • Jesus Washes the Disciples' Feet as a Humble Servant

  • Jesus Prays in the Garden as a Man of Sorrows

  • Jesus Dies as the Perfect Sacrifice

  • Jesus Beats Death as a Conquering Champion


Everything you need to plan this 2-hour outreach event is in one convenient Event Guide.

It’s packed with step-by-step instructions, copy & paste communication pieces, and helpful web links to make it easy for you to create an immersive Easter experience for the families in your church and community.

Click on the pages to look inside!



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